Three Simple Things Homeowners Can Inspect On A Furnace That Isn’t Working

Did you come home to a house that is a bit colder than it should be, only to discover that the furnace isn't working? If so, you're likely wondering what can be done to fix it as soon as possible. While you may need an HVAC technician to get to the bottom of what's wrong, there are three simple things you can do to troubleshoot your HVAC system. Check The Thermostat Read More 

Most Common AC Problems (And What To Do About Them)

Despite the fact that most of the country is moving out of the warmer months, there's still plenty of time for your AC unit to give you problems. While some of these can be solved by the homeowner with relative ease, other issues require a professional HVAC company to perform air conditioning repairs on your unit. Unfortunately, the problems that plague most air conditioners are relatively common, so work through the list below if your unit starts to give you grief and see if any of the symptoms line up. Read More 

Heating And Cooling Upgrades For Your Mobile Home Park

If you have central heating and air units installed on all of the residential mobile home sites at your rental park, foregoing routine maintenance may have resulted in some of your tenants complaining about the cooling or heating capabilities of their equipment. Besides driving up energy costs due to a unit operating inefficiently, you are subjecting yourself to needing to provide frequent repairs that could be costly. Make the upkeep of equipment a priority and seek units that are more technologically advanced. Read More 

Five Ways To Protect Your Outdoor AC Unit

You don't want your AC to go out when you need it most, so proper maintenance is a must. The outdoor unit is the most exposed and prone to problems. By knowing the most common reasons for an AC problem, you can work to prevent it. 1. Keep the Area Debris-Free Debris around the unit can block the vents and reduce airflow, or coat the evaporator coils with dirt and reduce cooling. Read More 

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Is Short-Cycling

Your air conditioner is short-cycling when it is turning on and off rapidly, and not running a full cycle. Short-cycling can be really damaging to the components on your air conditioner and is a reason to call in the HVAC professional immediately. There are four common reasons why your air conditioner may be short-cycling. Dirty Air Filter Your air filter plays a very important role in the overall functionality of your air conditioning unit. Read More