4 Heating Problems To Watch For This Winter To Ensure Your Home Stays Warm

Winter is coming, but is your heating ready? During the winter months, maintenance is going to be needed to ensure your home stays warm. In addition, there may be a few repairs and maintenance tasks to do before the first blast of cold air arrives. Some of the heating problems during cold weather are unavoidable. Here are some of the problems with your heating that you want to be on the lookout for as the weather gets colder: Read More 

Is Buying A Used Boiler A Gamble?

Your old boiler system has quit working, and instead of replacing the boiler with a brand new unit, you would rather track down a used boiler system and save some money. Buying a used boiler system can be somewhat of a challenge. Not only do you need a boiler that matches up to the system you currently have as far as size goes, but it can also be difficult to find a used boiler that does not have problems. Read More 

Heat Your Home Efficiently Without Natural Gas

When you own a home that isn't located in an area in which natural gas isn't an option, you'll have limited options when it comes to heating your home. What are your options? Here, you'll find out. Electricity Your easiest option will be to use electricity to heat the home. It will not require any extra piping to be run in the house and you won't have to worry about anything but paying your electricity bill. Read More 

A Few Tips To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

Keeping your home cool in the summer can be a challenge even when you have a whole house air conditioner. You may find that the electric bill is so high you turn the thermostat up to keep the AC from running too much. Sometimes one room seems to always stay hot, and there may be a time when the system isn't working properly and needs to be repaired. Here are a few tips to keep your home cool when your air conditioner seems to need some help. Read More 

Tips For Boosting Your Window Air Conditioner’s Performance

For homes that lack central air conditioning systems, a window unit can be one of the more important appliances in the home. However, homeowners will often assume that window units will always offer inferior or insufficient cooling. Yet, there are several tips that will be able to greatly improve the performance of your window air conditioning system. Check The Refrigerant The refrigerant is responsible for removing the heat from the air before circulating it through the home. Read More