Four Important Maintenance Task That Your Outdoor Boiler Needs Regularly

An outdoor boiler can be a great way to reduce your energy expenses, but it is a system that requires a lot of care. You will need to do fuel the fire regularly and other maintenance like cleaning the firebox. If you want to expand heating, this will require the addition of an extra pump and heating element. These are just some of the things that you may need to have done to your outdoor boiler. Read More 

Child Education Tips: An AC Install Might Enhance Memory & Study Time

Yes, you and your child's teacher are doing everything possible to help advance your child's education. But, believe or not, the temperature in your home can also have an impact on your child's learning abilities in different ways. The following guide will show you how to use an AC to achieve optimal temperature settings for your child.  An AC, Temperature & Memory-Enhancing Sleep The human body automatically creates more melatonin when the temperature drops to a certain degree. Read More 

3 Essential Maintenance Tasks For Your Biomass Furnace

If you want to have an affordable way to heat your home, biomass furnaces are a great choice. These systems can provide you with heating at a lot lower cost than gas, oil or electricity. They also require regular maintenance to ensure that they are working efficiently. If maintenance like cleaning the fire chamber is not done, the furnace can start to perform poorly or even get damaged. Here are some of the essential tasks that you will need to do to maintain your heating system: Read More 

Spring Plumbing Maintenance For Your Outdoor Pond In Colder Climates

If you live in a colder climate and have an outdoor pond as part of your landscaping, it's time to do a little spring maintenance. You need to check out the pond's plumbing to make sure that the winter freeze hasn't damaged anything. Here's a quick guide to help you catch problems with your pond's plumbing.  Turn On The Pumps And Filters Once the temperature outside seems to stabilize at 450F or above, it's time to switch your pond's pumps and filters back on. Read More 

The Importance Of Proper Installation: Is Your Heat Pump Delivering Maximum Efficiency?

Does it matter if your heat pump is not installed perfectly? According to a recent study by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), you could be losing as much as 30 percent of your energy efficiency and not seeing the best possible reduction in your heating bills if your heat pump is improperly installed. So if you purchase a heat pump that is guaranteed to deliver a certain level of energy efficiency, you may not be achieving that -- through no fault of the appliance. Read More