4 Ways To Avoid Expensive Air Conditioning Repairs

You rely on your home's central air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable during the most sweltering days of the year. However, when it comes to care and maintenance, not all homeowners have a true understanding of what their AC systems require. Fortunately, by following just a few simple maintenance tips, you can avoid potentially costly air conditioning repairs and extend the life of your home's AC system. Cover During the Off-Season Read More 

Is Solar Power The Answer To Your Heating Woes?

If you want to heat your home, then there are a lot of options out there. Beyond choosing a type of appliance, you will also need to figure out what type of energy you want to use. If you value environmental-consciousness, then you might be interested in using solar power, but there are some drawbacks. To help you decide whether the power of the sun is right for you, here is an overview of how solar power can be used to heat your home and the advantages and disadvantages that it offers: Read More 

Three Air Conditioning Repairs You Should Leave To The Professionals

Keeping your air conditioner in peak working condition requires regular maintenance and the occasional repair. While there are many repairs you may be willing to do on your own, some repairs are best left to the professionals. Here are three air conditioning repair services you should avoid doing on your own. Duct Work Repair Leaks in your duct work may seem easy to fix with duct tape, but this fix is only a temporary solution. Read More 

How To Seal Your Windows And Doors Properly To Keep Your Home Cool

When you turn on your air conditioning system, you want to know your home will be cooled to a comfortable temperature. This should happen with minimal effort to your system and without causing your energy bill to get out of control. If your windows and doors are fighting your best efforts for a cool home, then be sure you fix the problem right away. Read this article so you can determine whether or not your windows and doors are working against you. Read More 

5 Ways to Cut Back On Your Air Conditioning Costs

As a homeowner, being comfortable in your own home is important. With really hot weather in the summer time, this can be difficult to achieve, especially if you are worried about running your air conditioning because of the high energy costs associated with it. Luckily, there are quite a few ways that you can lower your air conditioning costs to ensure that your home stays cool without having to break the bank. Read More