As Summer Ends And The AC Stops: Repairs And Replacement Projects To Improve Your HVAC

You may have made it through another summer with your home staying cool, but it may have been costly. This may be due to the cost of emergency repairs or an outdated system that is inefficient. Therefore, the end of summer is a great time to start thinking about the different repairs and replacement options to update your system and make it more reliable and energy-efficient for next summer. The following tips will help you get ready for next summer with the right repairs and improvements after you turn off the AC this year:  Read More 

Recognizing Common Issues With Radiant Heating Systems

Although they are far from a new concept, radiant heating systems have become extremely popular in recent years. These relatively simple systems offer energy efficiency and reliability and create an extremely cozy home during the cold months. While most radiant heating systems require little maintenance, they do occasionally develop issues. Many homeowners are familiar with the problems commonly found in more traditional heating systems, but it may be more difficult to spot trouble with radiant heating. Read More 

AC Repair In The Rain: Three Likely Scenarios

It is officially air conditioning season. At least, that is how your local HVAC contractors and repair technicians see it. If your own central air is in need of repair this summer, you may find that appointments are already booked several days to two weeks out. If, on the appointed day and time that your technician is supposed to repair your AC, and it is raining, here are three likely scenarios for this situation. Read More 

What To Know About Cleaning A Furnace Evaporator

Every HVAC system has several components that help it provide hot and cold air to your home. However, some of those parts need more maintenance than others. One of these parts of your HVAC system is the evaporator. It needs cleaning from time to time to keep it work, which is why it helps to know the following two things. What's An Evaporator? The evaporator works with the air conditioning and plays the role of removing heat from your home and transferring it to outside. Read More 

Why The Filter On Your Furnace Needs To Be Changed Regularly And How To Choose The Best Filter

The filter on your furnace is more important than you might think. The job of the filter is to keep dust out of the equipment, and if you get lax and let the filter get clogged with dust, then that could create problems with your furnace that require professional heating repair services. Here's why you need to change the filter in your furnace regularly and the type of filter you may want to use. Read More