AC Repair In The Rain: Three Likely Scenarios

It is officially air conditioning season. At least, that is how your local HVAC contractors and repair technicians see it. If your own central air is in need of repair this summer, you may find that appointments are already booked several days to two weeks out. If, on the appointed day and time that your technician is supposed to repair your AC, and it is raining, here are three likely scenarios for this situation.

Your Appointment Is Cancelled

A central air conditioner utilizes electricity, which, of course, is not something that should be worked on while it is raining steadily or heavily. That is a rather dangerous situation for your technician, especially if the storm includes lightning and downpours that can be soaking and obstructing to one's vision. Depending on weather severity, your technician may call and cancel the appointment. Then, you can be the one to determine when the next possible appointment time will be. Then the technician will let you know if any of your dates/times will work for him/her.

The Technician Chooses to Work in the Rain

It is possible that the problem with your AC is an inside-the-house sort of thing. In that case, fixing it will not require any outside work, and the rain does not matter. If the problem is outside and the rain is little more than misting or a light drizzle that comes and goes, the technician may (at his/her own risk) choose to do the repairs anyway.

The Technician Chooses to Cancel, but Bump You to the Top of the List the Next Day

AC repair in the rain is not likely to happen in this scenario, but the technician may choose to bump you to the top of the work list for the next day. This tends to push back all of his/her appointments for the following day, but it also prioritizes you as a customer who should have received services and then could not because of the weather. This is also not a common practice, but if you have a repair technician do this, it is quite the outstanding level of customer service you would hope for if and when you cannot get your AC repaired on the day you expected to repair it. If your technician does offer to put you first for repairs the next morning, take it. 

To learn more about AC repairs, reach out to local HVAC contractors.