Why The Filter On Your Furnace Needs To Be Changed Regularly And How To Choose The Best Filter

The filter on your furnace is more important than you might think. The job of the filter is to keep dust out of the equipment, and if you get lax and let the filter get clogged with dust, then that could create problems with your furnace that require professional heating repair services. Here's why you need to change the filter in your furnace regularly and the type of filter you may want to use.

Why A Furnace Filter Needs To Be Changed Regularly

When your furnace runs every day in the winter, you may need to change the filter once a month. If you still have the owner's manual to the furnace, consult it for the best way to maintain the filter. Otherwise, consider changing it monthly just to be safe. Also, you can pull the filter out and look at it while holding it against the light. If it looks dusty or clogged, it's time to change it. If you pull the filter out and it is covered in a mat of dust and your furnace has been acting up, then it's probably a good idea to call a heating service to check your furnace to be sure no damage has been done.

When the filter can't block dust from getting inside your furnace, the internal parts can become coated with dust and grime. This could cause problems with the blower to the point that it malfunctions or overheats. Plus, your furnace may need to struggle to pull air through the clogged filter, and that can lead to overheating too. When a furnace overheats, it usually shuts itself down as a form of protection. This results in your furnace cycling on and off without ever getting your home warm. To fix this problem, you'll need a repair service to clean the blower and other parts that need it. The repairman may also find other components that need repairs. These problems can be prevented by changing the filter when it needs it.

Consider The Type Of Filter To Buy

Common filter types you can buy at a grocery store or home improvement store are the pleated filters and fiberglass. Fiberglass filters are less expensive, and they could be the best choice. Pleated filters are supposed to filter out more pollen and particulates from the air, so you may want one of those for your furnace if you have allergies. However, they also make it more difficult for your furnace to pull air through the filter. If you let dust build up, that makes the situation worse. If you're concerned about the air quality in your house, you may want to use an air purifier rather than a pleated filter. Talk to an HVAC technician if you need help choosing the right filter for the type of furnace you have, and whatever you choose, be sure to change it regularly so it stays free from dust.