4 Heating Problems To Watch For This Winter To Ensure Your Home Stays Warm

Winter is coming, but is your heating ready? During the winter months, maintenance is going to be needed to ensure your home stays warm. In addition, there may be a few repairs and maintenance tasks to do before the first blast of cold air arrives. Some of the heating problems during cold weather are unavoidable. Here are some of the problems with your heating that you want to be on the lookout for as the weather gets colder:

1. Monthly Filter Changes During Cold Weather

Just like your air conditioner, your furnace is going to need routine filter changes during cold weather. When you start to use your heating more often, you are also going to need to change the air filters more often. Monthly air filter changes will help prevent dust and ensure your heating is working efficiently. Changing the air filter will also help to reduce problems with the smells of burnt dust and other odors that come from heating vents.

2. Keeping Furnaces and Boilers Clean for Efficiency

Cleaning your furnace or boiler regularly is a great way to prevent problems and improve efficiency during the winter months. The first time you clean your furnace should be before you start using the heating, which will help prevent problems with odors that are present when the system has not been used for months. Continue occasionally cleaning the furnace or boiler throughout the winter months to prevent problems and ensure it is working efficiently.

3. Checking the Thermostat Batteries to Ensure They Work

During the winter months, you want your heating to work when you need it most. Sometimes, the problem with heating is something as simple as thermostat batteries going dead. Before the cold weather arrives, check the batteries in thermostats to ensure they are working. It is a good idea to change thermostat batteries annually during the fall service routine to ensure you do not have problems.

4. Air Leaks in Ducts and Dirty Vents That Cause Heating Problems

Air leaks of ducts are an issue that can greatly reduce the efficiency of HVAC systems. Sometimes, the duct air leaks are due to common wear but may be related to other problems such as pests and water damage. Routinely inspect ducts for damage and repair the leaks to ensure your heating is working efficiently when you need it most this winter.

These are some of the cold weather problems that you want to be on the lookout of as the weather outside gets colder. To get ready for winter and ensure you have heating when it is cold out, contact a propane service to fill up fuel before the next cold blast.