A Few Tips To Keep Your Home Cool In The Summer

Keeping your home cool in the summer can be a challenge even when you have a whole house air conditioner. You may find that the electric bill is so high you turn the thermostat up to keep the AC from running too much. Sometimes one room seems to always stay hot, and there may be a time when the system isn't working properly and needs to be repaired. Here are a few tips to keep your home cool when your air conditioner seems to need some help.

High Electric Bill

Quite often, the reason the AC is running constantly is that the system is not getting proper air flow. The first thing to do is to check and clean or replace the filters. When the air intake vent filter is dirty and clogged, the unit cannot get enough air so it keeps running in an attempt to get more. Unfortunately, as it works harder, it sucks dust, pet hair, and other debris trapped in the filter into the unit. You will need to contact a professional to come to clean the internal parts of the system or your electric bill will not get much better even with a new filter.

One Hot Room

If you have one room that seems to always stay hot, it is probably because the sun is shining in through the windows and heating up the area. Your best option is to get sunscreens for the windows. However, until you do, make sure you keep any blinds or drapes closed during the day. While this might mean that you need to turn on a light in the room to do any reading or other activities, a light will not use as much electricity as the air conditioner. Once you have sunscreens, you should still be able to see well without a light on.

System not Working

When the system is not keeping the house cool at all, or will not come on, you need to call for a technician. While waiting for the repair, you can help keep things cool by using fans, keeping window treatments closed, and not using appliances that generate heat. You can also place a cool, wet towel on your neck, take a shower, or wet your head. Hopefully, the technician will be able to come within a day or two.

A lot of the issues you will face with your air conditioning system could be avoided with regular maintenance. Have the unit service once a year by an air conditioning repair service, before the weather starts to warm up and change the filters before they get dirty. This should keep your home at a comfortable temperature all season.