Tips For Boosting Your Window Air Conditioner’s Performance

For homes that lack central air conditioning systems, a window unit can be one of the more important appliances in the home. However, homeowners will often assume that window units will always offer inferior or insufficient cooling. Yet, there are several tips that will be able to greatly improve the performance of your window air conditioning system.

Check The Refrigerant

The refrigerant is responsible for removing the heat from the air before circulating it through the home. Unfortunately, leaks can cause the refrigerant level to start to drop, which will cause the system to lose the ability to effectively cool the home. If you ever notice that the performance of your system is dropping, checking the refrigerant may allow you to determine whether this is the cause of the performance decrease. When this level is low, you should add more to it, and check the refrigerant level a few days after adding more to determine whether the level has dropped. If it has, you should contact a repair professional to determine the source of the leak and repair it.

Ensure There Are No Drafts Around The Edges

It is common for window units to develop drafts around the edges of the system. These drafts are often the result of the seals and weatherstripping degrading. As it degrades, it will warp, crack, and suffer other types of damage that could allow air to enter the home. Each spring, you should thoroughly evaluate these seals and replace them if they appear to be suffering from intense wear. Replacing this weatherstripping is fairly simple as the new striping will have adhesive backing that makes it easy to secure in position.

Regularly Dust Both The Interior And Exterior Vents

Dusting the interior and exterior vents of the air conditioner will be important for maintaining its performance. When these vents become covered in dust and dirt, the amount of air that they will be able to move will be greatly reduced. By dusting these vents, you will be able to prevent these performance issues from arising with your system. For most homeowners, this will only need to be done every few weeks. Those with plants near the exterior vent or numerous pets living in the home may need to do this maintenance more frequently. By investing in a high-quality duster for the interior and a durable bristle brush for the exterior vents, you will be able to complete this maintenance within a few minutes.

Contact your local air conditioning repair service for more information and assistance.