End Of The Season Maintenance Tips

Just because it's the end of the winter season doesn't man that you should just stop doing any maintenance on your furnace. At the end of the season you should button up your furnace to ensure it is in good working order when you need it for the next cold weather season. You'll also need to do a few things prior to the warm weather season when you'll be using your air conditioner. Read on for some end of the season heating service and maintenance tips for your furnace.

Clean The Furnace

Shut off the power to the furnace and open up the access panel. Use a shop vacuum and clean up debris inside the furnace. This debris if clogged around the coil could affect your air conditioner when you need it in those warmer months. Cleaning your furnace is always a good idea and a way to extend the life of your furnace. 

Check And Clean The Condensate Line

The condensate line that leads from the furnace to a drain can clog with dirt over time. This happens more often if you have a dirty coil which results when you don't change your furnace filter. If the condensate drain is clogged and not repaired, it could affect your air conditioner, as the condensate drain on your furnace is connected to the one for your central air conditioning unit.

Change Your Air Filter

The air filter should be changed every other month no matter if you are using your furnace or your air conditioner. Pull out the air filter and slide a new one in the same way you took it out. A dirty air filter can shut down your entire system, so keeping a clean filter inside is essential in having your HVAC systems working as they should. A dirty air filter can also cause other problems for your furnace and air conditioning systems that can lead to costly repairs.

Open Up Vents And Check For Blockages

Go around your home and check to be sure all of your vents are open and didn't get closed at all. Also check that none of the vents are blocked by any furniture or anything else. If the vents aren't open or are blocked it could mean poor air flow throughout your home. This means you'll have some cold rooms and some really warm rooms - in winter and summer. Make sure your vents are always open and that you never block the vents. If you don't have anywhere else to place a piece of furniture and it happens to block the vent you can use a diffusing vent that helps to spread airflow in other directions.

Maintaining your HVAC system should be done before, after and during the season you are in. This will help prevent breakdowns and can lengthen the life of your HVAC systems. Call a professional HVAC technician for maintenance help and repairs.