8 Tips for Running and Maintaining Your AC Efficiently

Summer is swiftly approaching (though it might not seem like it). Are you ready for the heat to come? If your air-conditioning unit is already in working order, it's time to start reading up on how to properly run and maintain it to save as much money as possible this year. Want to stay cool and collected this summer? Consider these tips to save energy, time, and money.

1. Upgrade to a thermostat with a sleep mode.

The thermostat is much more easily replaced than the entire unit. Look for one that you can program for times when you are at work or sleeping.

2. Close vents in the rooms that are naturally cooler.

Lower-level floors and those with shady trees outside tend to stay cooler naturally. Close vents in rooms that are already at a comfortable temperature.

3. Supplement with a fan.

Add a fan to each room with a vent to ensure that the cool air is circulating. You will find yourself running the AC much less.

4. Service your AC unit regularly.

Call an HVAC professional to come in and make fixes rather than trying to do them yourself. It's also a good idea to have your AC unit looked at regularly to look for potential problem areas.

5. Check and replace filters regularly.

Filters are often clogged, and it is important that you clean them or replace them regularly. Otherwise, you could end up causing yourself more money spent later on to figure out why your unit isn't working as it should be.

6. Seal air leaks in any way possible.

Sealing your windows will help to keep cool air in and hot air out. Do you have other openings, like doggy doors? It's time to find a way to make them more efficient.

7. Use window film and shades.

Even using an awning on the outside of your windows can help to cool down the interior of your house just a little bit.

8. Don't give up on the idea of replacing your air-conditioning unit.

If you have a real problem with your unit, it might be that replacing it is much more cost-effective than trying to repair it. Talk to an HVAC professional to receive an estimate first.

Maintaining an air-conditioning unit helps to keep the unit running efficiently in the summer. The more you take care of your AC unit, the longer it is likely to last for you. Visit sites like http://www.smedleyservice.com to find an HVAC contractor near you.