3 Energy Efficient Heating Solutions That Can Get You Through A Cold Winter For Less

With a cold winter on its way, you will want to have your home's heating prepared. If you use conventional heating with gas, oil, or electricity, this can be a major expense during the winter months. This is why energy efficient heating like a ductless heat pump, biomass, or renewable energy can be something that you may want to consider for your home. Here are some energy efficient heating solutions that you may want to consider to heat your home for less this winter:

1. Adding A Ductless Heat Pump Of A Complete Ductless HVAC

Ductless air conditioning is becoming a more common cooling solution in many homes. It can cost less to have installed than a regular system because there are no ducts, which can also make it more energy efficient. In addition to the cooling solution to your home, you may also want to consider adding a ductless heat pump to your home, which can help provide you with a complete HVAC solution for both your heating and cooling needs.

2. Biomass Energy For A Heating Solution That Will Cost You Less

Biomass energy has been around for many years, but the technology has improved and it can be a good solution for reducing the cost of heating your home. These systems can use pellet, firewood and other organic materials to heat water in a boiler or furnace. There are even pellet stoves that are compact and can be installed in a small home or cabin. If you have minimal heating needs, a pellet stove can be a great solution. Boilers and furnaces can be great for a more complete heating solution.

3. Integrating Energy Efficiency Into The Design Of Your HVAC System

Another option that you may want to consider for energy efficient heating is renewable energy. This can be done in many forms, such as geothermal systems that use the ground as a heat exchanger for reduced energy consumption with both heating and cooling. Solar energy can also be used to help reduce heating costs with the addition of a solar water heater for your home. A solar water heater can easily be integrated into your existing heating system to reduce energy consumption.

These are some energy efficient heating solutions that you may want to consider to heat your home for less this winter. If you need help with some of these improvements for your home, contact a company like Arnold Service Co and talk with them about some of these efficient solutions.