3 Upgrades That You Can Do To Your Boiler For More Energy Efficiency Before Winter Arrives

Soon enough, the winter weather will be here and you will be heating your home. You may have a radiant heating system and rely on a boiler for heating and hot water. Before it gets to cold, you may want to consider some upgrades that can help to improve energy efficiency before the cold winter weather gets here. If you want to make your boiler more efficient for this year's winter weather, here are some improvements that you may want to consider doing now:

1. Adding A Solar Water Heater To Reduce Energy Consumption Of Boiler

Solar water heaters can be a great addition to your home and be used with heating and hot water. Today, there are even solar collectors that are more efficient and can provide you with the thermal energy needed to heat your home during the winter months. The solar water heater can be connected to a conventional boiler to help reduce energy consumption and make your home's heating more efficient.

2. Integrating Geothermal Energy Into The Design Of Heating And Cooling

You may have two types of systems in your home; one for heating, which is the boiler and a standard type of air conditioning system. Geothermal energy is another option that you may want to consider to improve the energy efficiency of these systems. This can be more of an investment, but worth it if you are building a new home or doing major renovations. This type of system uses thermal energy stored in the Earth to provide your heating and cooling with energy efficiency.

3. Updating An Outdated Boiler With Digital Controls For Improved Energy Efficiency

An older boiler may have some problems with some of the different components that may be outdated. If you have an older boiler, you may want to consider updating it with digital controls, which can greatly improve energy efficiency. In addition to the controls on the boiler, installing a digital thermostat can also be done to improve energy efficiency. This can give you more control over fuel consumption and the efficiency of your boiler. Usually, the entire boiler does not need to be replaced and upgrading controls can be enough.

If you want to make your boiler more efficient before the winter weather gets here, then some of these improvements can help. You can contact a boiler repair contractor like Alliance Heating & Cooling LLC and talk with them about some of these upgrades for your boiler before the cold arrives.