Five Good Reasons Why Converting To Central Air Makes Sense

For homeowners in most areas of the United States, air conditioning is a must, at least for a few months out of the year. However, deciding whether to buy a fleet of window air conditioners or spring for central air can be confusing. Although central air is more expensive initially, there are a number of excellent reasons to make the investment in central air.

Advantages to installing a central air conditioning system

1. Comfort. Perhaps that best feature of central air is that it keeps all of your rooms cool and comfortable, not just the ones that have a window unit. With central air, you won't have one room that hot and steamy while another room is almost chilly.

2. Energy efficiency. A central air system can be more efficient than having multiple small window units. This is especially true if you use a heat pump system to cool your home. Heat pumps use the naturally-cooled air from the ground surrounding your home and funnel it into the interior,

3. Better air quality. Another major benefit to central air is that by running all of your indoor air through a central unit, the air gets filtered more efficiently, resulting in fewer allergens, pet hair and allergens in the air that circulate via your ductwork system. In addition, by having your windows closed and secured, less dirt will be blown in via the cracks around a window unit.

4. Quieter. Window air conditioning units make a lot of noise. Making the switch to central air will make your home more peaceful.

5. Less hassle. Another disadvantage to window units is that you have to take them in and out of the windows in the spring and fall. Often, you also have to fit wood or other pieces around the unit so it will fit snugly in the window opening and not allow bugs to enter. Once the units are out of the window, you have to find a place to store them for the off season.

6. Security. Having your windows partially open to allow for the window air conditioning units can make it a lot easier for burglars and vandals to enter your home. Even if you nail the windows in the open position, they are much less secure than being closed and locked.

While central air may not be the right choice for every homeowner, making the switch can increase your comfort, keep your home quiet and more peaceful, save you the hassle of inserting and removing window units twice a year and keep your home more secure against burglars and vandals. For more information on air conditioning services, check with companies like Always Ready Repair.