Three Air Conditioning Repairs You Should Leave To The Professionals

Keeping your air conditioner in peak working condition requires regular maintenance and the occasional repair. While there are many repairs you may be willing to do on your own, some repairs are best left to the professionals. Here are three air conditioning repair services you should avoid doing on your own.

Duct Work Repair

Leaks in your duct work may seem easy to fix with duct tape, but this fix is only a temporary solution. The tape won't seal the leaks in your ducts completely, which can reduce the efficiency of your HVAC system. Some leaks may not be easy to identify, which means that even with a temporary solution, your ducts could still be leaking a considerable amount of cool air. If your home has high ceilings, repairing your duct work may be dangerous unless you have the proper safety equipment. Your contractor will be able to safely inspect the ducts, determine all the areas that are leaking and  permanently seal the leaks to keep your system working efficiently.

Replacing Faulty Fuses or Breakers

In some cases, your air conditioner may trip your fuse or breaker. This may be because there are too many items attached to that individual fuse, or it might be because there is an issue with your home's wiring. Attempting any type of electrical repairs can be dangerous without the proper training. If your air conditioner is consistently tripping a fuse or breaker, you should contact your HVAC repair contractor or a certified electrician for assistance.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Unless you are installing a window AC unit, you should leave replacing your AC system to your HVAC contractor. Installing a central air conditioning unit is a complex procedure, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong with the installation. If any part of the system is installed incorrectly, your air conditioner warranty may be voided. Having your air conditioner installed by a professional ensures that everything is properly installed according to the manufacturer's specifications, keeping your warranty intact. Proper installation also helps to reduce the chances of needing air conditioner repairs in the months that follow the AC installation.

While there are many things you can do to maintain your AC system on your own, such as adjusting your thermostat and replacing your air filters, some maintenance and repair tasks should be left to the professionals. If you are experiencing issues with your duct work or electrical wiring, or if your AC needs to be replaced, contact your HVAC contractor to get the job done by a trained professional like one from Thurlow's Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.