How To Seal Your Windows And Doors Properly To Keep Your Home Cool

When you turn on your air conditioning system, you want to know your home will be cooled to a comfortable temperature. This should happen with minimal effort to your system and without causing your energy bill to get out of control. If your windows and doors are fighting your best efforts for a cool home, then be sure you fix the problem right away. Read this article so you can determine whether or not your windows and doors are working against you.

Check the windows for leaks

You can easily check for leaks along the windows by using incense. Go into each room and make sure all the doors and windows are shut tight. Light the incense and walk near each window very slowly. Watch the smoke from the end of the incense to see if it is headed directly for the window or being blown in the opposite direction. Either way, this indicates a problem along the window.

Use the incense to try to find the exact location of the problem. It may be due to a crack along the window sill, or it may be due to old weather stripping. You can fix small cracks and holes by cleaning the area well and using caulking. If the problem is the weather stripping, remove the old stripping and clean the frame. Put new weather stripping in place; using stripping that snaps into place or that has an adhesive back will allow you to install it quickly and easily.

Check the doors for leaks

Look underneath all the doors around the house that give you access to the outside. If you can see any light coming from under the doors, then that is a place where you can be losing a lot of your cool air. You'll want to replace your current threshold with one that fits correctly so no more air will escape from this area.

Measure the empty space so you know how much higher your new threshold will need to be. Also, measure the width of the doorway. Purchase a new one in the right size and install it to take care of the problem.

If you have any doors with windows in them, make sure the areas around the windows are sealed tightly. If they aren't, use a caulking of the correct color to reseal around the window. 

Now that you have taken care of these areas, you will have an easier and more affordable time cooling your home. You should also make sure an air conditioning contractor comes out at the beginning of the season to service your unit to ensure it runs correctly.