Five Ways To Reduce Your Office Air Conditioning Bill

If your office is like most work places, you want to keep it comfortable without paying a fortune each summer for electricity to power your air conditioning system. Saving energy doesn't just make good economic sense. Increasingly, consumers are looking to work with companies that are making efforts to reduce their company's carbon footprint. Your energy saving efforts are something you can use in your marketing materials. So, how do you go about keeping your air conditioning bill in check?

1. Limit access to your thermostat. In most offices, it's difficult for employees to agree on an ideal temperature. Some people are too hot; other people are too cold. That can result in a lot of people turning the thermostat up and down, wasting energy. A better plan is to install a locking case over the thermostat and limit access to one or two key employees. Newer thermostats even have a electronic locking feature.

2. Add a few trees and shrubs. Adding landscaping around your building can help to reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your windows and heats up your office. Awnings, blinds and solar window film can also help reduce the heat transfer.

3. Fill those gaps. It's not just gaps in your home windows and doors that waste energy. Gaps around your office windows and doors can also cause your air conditioning system to run more than necessary. Make a habit of walking around your building (or designating someone to do this) every six months or so and filling in any gaps with caulk.

4. Rethink your hours. This may sound radical, but closing your office during the hottest hours will reduce your need for air conditioning. If you don't have posted hours for clients, consider having employees come in very early in the day or very late in the day to do their work.

5. Turn up the temperature one degree. Setting the thermostat one degree higher will save you an automatic 10 percent (on average) on your electric bill. It's very unlikely that anyone will notice this slight increase in temperature, but you'll notice it on your bottom line.

Cooling your office is essential to keeping your employees and customers happy. However, you can keep from spending any more money than necessary by limiting access to your thermostat, adding trees and bushes around your property and by turning up your thermostat just one degree.

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