Optimize Your AC System

Your AC system will help to keep your home cool, but the hotter the weather outside is, the harder your AC system has to work—unless you can do something to optimize the function of your system. For example, if you can do something to keep the heat out or to help your AC system cool your home faster, then you can keep your costs down. There are ways to protect your home from the heat, but to save money on your cooling costs, you have to be willing to spend money.

Add Low-E Film to Your Windows

One of the cheapest ways to heatproof your home is to add low-e film to your windows. Experts estimate that up to 20% of the heat that your AC unit must contend with enters your home through your windows. The problem is that the sun's UV rays can pass right through your window and then heat up the furniture and surfaces in your home. The heat that then radiates off of these surfaces does not pass as easily through your windows, and the net effect is that your home starts warming up. Low-e film is transparent, but it will have a reflective surface that will filter out UV rays, which in turn will keep your home cooler and save you up to 23% on your cooling costs. 

Install a House Fan

The compressor and the fans that your AC unit uses require quite a bit of energy. Thus, if you have a secondary system for cooling your home that uses less energy, you can save on your AC costs. A house fan is different than ceiling fans in that you have to cut a hole between your ceiling and attic. The house fan can then pump hot air out of your home. Once the outside temperature starts to fall, you can open your windows, and the house fan will pull cool air in as it pumps hot air out. In this way a house fan can cool your home in a matter of minutes while using a fraction of the energy. Installing a house fan costs more money than applying window films to your windows; however, if the nighttime temperatures in your area are cool enough, it still makes a great way to cool a home. 

The above are just a couple of ideas for optimizing your cooling system. By applying more than one strategy for making your system more energy efficient, you stand to save even more money. Thus, you should start with whichever strategy offers the most savings for the cost and then continue adding systems as needed to reduce your cooling costs. 

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