How To Clean Air Ducts Inside Your Home

Cleaning out your air ducts can improve the overall air quality that comes through your air conditioning unit. You should clean out the air ducts once or twice a year to ensure that all the dirt and debris gets safely removed. Cleaning the air ducts can be done by following these simple steps outlined below.

To complete this task you will need the following items:

  • Broom or duster
  • Screwdriver
  • Rags
  • Bucket with soapy water
  • Access to the electrical panel

1. Start by turning off the power to the air conditioner located at the electrical panel box. Once you have located the switch to the unit, flip it from the on position to the off position. You should never attempt to clean an air conditioner while the power is still on. Leaving the power on could cause the system to malfunction or has the potential to damage the unit, so it's important that the power is shut off right at the source before proceeding.

2. With a screwdriver, start removing all the screws that hold in place the vent covers. Make sure that you store the screws and vent covers in a safe location once they have they have been removed as you will need to put them back on to complete the job.

3. Clean the vent covers with a rag and soapy water. Make sure that you take the time to clean out all the holes on the vent covers and ensure that the dirt and grime that has built up on them over time is scrubbed off. After cleaning the vent covers, leave them to air dry in an area that has lots of sunlight.

4. Clean the vents with a duster or broom small enough to fit inside the vents. Make sure that you get each side of the vent and that you clear off the dirt and debris from the broom or duster as you go. Be careful not to extend the broom or duster too far into the vent and that you don't lose the handle inside the unit.

5. Re-attach all the air vent covers using the screwdriver. Firmly fasten the screws into place and make sure that the vent covers are secured in place and will not move.

6. Turn back on the power to the air conditioning unit at the electrical panel box by flipping the switch to the on position.

7. Test the air conditioner to make sure it turns back on and the cool air starts pumping back through the vents to complete the job.

If the air conditioner does not turn back on or the air quality is not correct inside the house it could be a sign of a much larger issue that needs to be diagnosed by a professional repair technician. Contact a business like Davidson's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning to learn more about what might be wrong with your system.