Addressing Questions You May Have About Your Commercial Freezer

If you own a business that is involved with any perishable items, it is essential for you to have a well-working freezer to keep these goods safe from spoiling. While freezers are relatively common devices, they are still highly complex, and this means that there are any number of problems that these devices can encounter over the course of the time you use it. For most managers, the technical details of refrigerator maintenance is not something that they are familiar with, but learning these answers to a couple of questions about common problems can help you to avoid routine issues with your business's freezer. 

What Causes The Freezer To Make A Clicking Or Popping Sound?

There may come a time when you notice that your freezer is not cooling as effectively as it used to, and there may also be a strange sound coming from the device. For those that are encountering this problem, it is important to contact a professional repair technician as soon as possible because this is often a sign that the system's compressor unit is starting to fail. 

Sadly, it is usually not cost-effective to repair a faulty freezer compressor, and as a result, your repair professional will likely simply replace the damaged unit with a new one. Fortunately, this is usually a relatively quick repair, and it should take no longer than an hour or two to repair the damage. 

How Do You Prevent Ice From Accumulating On The Interior Of The Freezer?

Another common problem that you may encounter with your freezer is an accumulation of ice on the interior. This ice forms from humid air entering the unit when the door is opened, and as this air cools, the moisture will form condensation on surfaces before freezing.

Luckily, freezers are designed to periodically switch cycles to remove excessive humidity from the interior of your unit. This is done by the system automatically deactivating the compressor and activating a dehumidifier for a few minutes before reactivating the compressor. When the unit fails to do this action, ice can rapidly start to accumulate on the interior, and this issue will only worsen until the issue is repaired. 

Keeping your business's freezer from encountering major issues is an important goal for keeping repair costs low and minimizing the amount of spoilage. However, these systems are able to malfunction in a variety of ways, and this can represent a sizable threat to your business. By understanding the early warning signs that you should contact a professional, such as those found at Pro-Staff Mechanical Inc, you can help reduce the damages that these problems may cause.