3 Essential Maintenance Tasks For Your Biomass Furnace

If you want to have an affordable way to heat your home, biomass furnaces are a great choice. These systems can provide you with heating at a lot lower cost than gas, oil or electricity. They also require regular maintenance to ensure that they are working efficiently. If maintenance like cleaning the fire chamber is not done, the furnace can start to perform poorly or even get damaged. Here are some of the essential tasks that you will need to do to maintain your heating system:

1. Regular Cleaning Of The Fire Chamber

The fire chamber in your biomass furnace is where the fuel materials are burned. This chamber eventually becomes full of ash and waste, which can hinder the operation of your heating system. To prevent this from happening, the ash needs to be removed regularly. Some systems even have an air connection where an air tank can be connected to clean the ash out of the blower when needed. If your blower and fire chamber does not have this feature, you may want to contact a furnace repair contractor to see if it can be added to your furnace or if changing the blower is an option for your system.

2. Removing Ash From Exhaust Systems

Just like the fire chamber and blower, the exhaust system on biomass furnaces can also have ash built up in it. This can be a fire hazard and affect the ventilation of your furnace. When you do other maintenance to your system, you will also want to clean out any exhaust pipes on your system to ensure that they do not have ash built up inside them. This can also affect the performance of your systems and cause errors during operation, which is why it is an important part of the regular maintenance of your system.

3. Regular Maintenance Of Fuel Feeding System  

All biomass-heating systems have a fuel-feeding component. This is what delivers fuel to your furnace, and it needs to be maintained as well. You will need to check regularly that there is plenty of fuel and that it is getting to your furnace. You may also have to prime the fuel feeding system to be able to provide the right amount of fuel to your system. With an auger fuel feeding system, this is done by connecting the auger to all fuel materials to reach the furnace. This is something that often has to be done when the system runs out of fuel or when it is clogged for some reason.

These are some of the essential maintenance tasks that need to be done to your biomass furnace. Even when you do regular maintenance, you may need to have repairs done. You can also have things like improved ignitors installed on an older system to improve performance. If you need repairs, maintenance or upgrades done to your biomass furnace, contact a furnace repair contractor like Comfort Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC to get the help you need.